We're all DOOMED

Before I moved down to London I hooked up with Edinburgh Doom Metal Overlords Of Spire & Throne to produce some promotional shots. In their own words;

"Of Spire & Throne have been chipping the same few down-tuned fragments of riff off the doom coal-face at the end of the same dank and airless tunnel since 2009. They have no plans to resurface".

We tried out a few different ideas on the day, including a little bit of impromptu Urb-Ex. I won't reveal where but I'm sure the observant will recognize the location. If you like your music heavy (at the brutal sludge end of the spectrum) I'd recommend checking them out on Bandcamp. They're currently recording a new record which should see the light (should that be dark?) soon.

The band themselves went with the none more black approach, but I really liked the second more colourful outtake below.